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The Australian Lottery and Newsagents’ Association (ALNA) is the peak industry body representing Australian newsagencies and lottery agents. There are 4000 individually owned and operated newsagencies in the country and together they make up Australia's largest retail and home delivery group.
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Through strength and size, the ALNA has the necessary means to achieve outcomes difficult to achieve by a single business.

For just $876 per annum*, your ALNA membership gives you access to industry representation, complimentary advice on industrial relations and leasing matters, discounts on insurance, access to accredited industry training courses, and so much more.

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*Membership prices vary by state. Membership fee is capped at $876 per annum.

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Industry Updates


Tatts Lottolands Gotta Go! Campaign

ALNA has been lobbying harder than ever at a state and federal government level for over a year to ban 'fake lotto betting' by companies like Lottoland. We are now getting some cut through with several states and federal representatives considering action. We will provide members with an update on some of the specifics of this during the week as there has been a lot happening. The very existence of these fake lotteries in our opinion creates an uneven playing field for your business. Whilst you are restricted in the way you conduct your lottery business and bound to a range of state regulations, the fake lottery - wagering model has freedoms and margins that are unavailable to you so it can out advertise regulated state lotteries. We have been requesting that Tatts take more direct action against Lottoland and other fake lotteries for some time and we have been frustrated by not much action. In May this year ALNA prepared and presented a detailed Government & Public Relations campaign proposal to Tatts on lottery outcome wagering, at the time the proposal was declined.
When Tatts finally shared with us their Lottoland's Gotta Go! Campaign, we were at least pleased that some elements of our original plan like a strong PR campaign had been included. Nonetheless, advertising campaigns bring out different opinions and can be somewhat divisive depending on where you sit, there may be elements of the campaign you would have preferred to be different, stronger, more discreet or even a different message. The fact is that getting consensus from all 4000+ lottery retailers would be impossible, and ALNA and other Lottery Associations also had a range of feedback for alterations and amendments, some were actioned others were not. At the end of the day the key for us at ALNA was to see public action to back up the lobbying program with government we have already been undertaking, and to ensure there was protection for our Members and ALNA should any legal action occur from us participating in the campaign. Here are some key facts for you: ALNA has sought and obtained legal protection for you from Tatts Group to participate as per the campaign instructions (indemnity). This means if you follow the campaign instructions including the use of: In store point of sale, Social media collateral and Letters to politicians. If Lottoland tries to take any action against you; you are indemnified by Tatts Group against any action and cost. • ALNA will continue strong lobbying of all state and federal governments in relation legislation to ban fake lotteries, and we know from reactions at meetings we had with Federal Ministers last week on this subject, that the campaign is likely to provide increased urgency for them to act.

• It is ultimately your decision on whether you join the fight against Lottoland and other fake lotteries. Our opinion is that this will only assist in the fight against fake lotteries like Lottoland, Planet lottery and other new proposed entrants to the market. Hopefully it may discourage any other new entrants from considering entering the market.


Newsagents in Australia are performing well and are here to stay.

The lottery and newsagents industry is Australia's largest independent retail and home delivery group. There are over 5,000 independent, family-owned news and lottery agents in Australia and the industry employs more than 20,000 people with a turnover of $6 billion.

The industry plays a vital role in our nation's economy, and news and lottery agents see approximately 2.3 million people every day across Australia.


MEDIA RELEASE | Tabcorp and Tatts Merger supported by Newsagents and Lottery Retailers

The Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association is pleased with the Australian Competition Tribunal's approval of the proposed combination of Tabcorp and Tatts

Australia, 20 June 2017: The Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association (ALNA) is pleased with the Australian Competition Tribunal's approval of the proposed merger of Tabcorp Holdings and Tatts Group.


EXTRACT | Cashless: The Secret to this Supermarket's Super Success

When Neeraj Vij convinced his wife Neha to help out with family business CBW Express Supermarket six years ago, it was only supposed to be a temporary stint. Neha had a strong educational background and was working in a project management role at the time, and wasn't too thrilled about the idea, but six years have passed, a whole lot of passion for their work has developed, and Neeraj and Neha have become a successful husband-wife working duo, and are loving it.

"I truly love running this business. It's always fun trying to present new products to our customers and provide them with the variety they deserve," explained Neha.


MEDIA RELEASE | Budget 2017 - Small Wins for Small Business

The Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association believes budget could have delivered more for small business but the big picture is looking good.



EXTRACT | An Enduring Legacy of Freshness and Customer Experience

Freshness has always been the secret ingredient to Andersen's of Denmark's lasting success. Made daily to ensure freshness at its Potts Point premises, the ice cream contains fresh cream and the finest natural ingredients from Australia, Belgium and Denmark.

Andersen's of Denmark Ice Cream was first established outside Denmark in Solvang, California in 1978 under the name of The Great Danish Cone Company. The business has been producing and selling premium quality ice cream based on the Danish founding family's traditional recipes, dating back more than three generations. Today, Andersen's of Denmark has a significant presence in Asia and three standalone stores in NSW and SA as well as a network of retailers.


Queensland Government Consultation on Wholesale and Retail Tobacco Licencing Scheme

Late last year the Queensland Government accepted a recommendation from a Legislative Assembly Committee inquiry into tobacco licensing, to consider the implementation of a positive wholesale and retail tobacco licencing scheme in Queensland.

ALNA, as a representative stakeholder has been invited by the QLD Department of Health to engage with the department on the consultation in regards to this. The consultation period will occur throughout 2017 and will allow for an open and transparent consultation process that members can participate in both through ALNA and individually.


Tips to Improve your Facebook Page

Social media is a great marketing tool for all businesses. For little to no expense, a business can promote their brand, inform and attract customers, build relationships and receive instant feedback.

According to digital marketing expert Sandi Karkowski, "Facebook provides the benefits of having real-time interactions with other people and the power of getting real- time insights on business content".

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