Welcome to the Australian Lottery and Newsagents’ Association

The Australian Lottery and Newsagents’ Association (ALNA) is the peak industry body representing Australian newsagencies and lottery agents. There are 4000 individually owned and operated newsagencies in the country and together they make up Australia's largest retail and home delivery group.
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ALNA Membership

Through strength and size, the ALNA has the necessary means to achieve outcomes difficult to achieve by a single business.

For just $876 per annum*, your ALNA membership gives you access to industry representation, complimentary advice on industrial relations and leasing matters, discounts on insurance, access to accredited industry training courses, and so much more.

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*Membership prices vary by state. Membership fee is capped at $876 per annum.

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Industry Updates


Springtime recap for you and your business

Welcome to Spring! Yes Spring, that's how quick this year is moving. There were a number of changes made to things which will affect your business, on July 1 this year - there's a recap them so you can make sure you have actioned these in your business.

Superannuation contribution increase from 9.25% to 9.50%


NEWSPACK Insurance is now national

After a 12 month tender process, we are proud to announce the industry-owned NEWSPACK insurance is now available to newsagents all over the country. The strength and buying power that this provides is expected to bring newsagents the best insurance coverage possible.

Insurers are focused on risk and spreading the NEWSPACK portfolio across the country minimises the risk for the insurer which can only mean better premiums for newsagents.


ANF CEO and Policy Manager to attend Small Business Summit and meet with new Tatts Lotteries COO this week

ANF CEO and Policy Manager attending 12th National Small Business Summit this week

ANF CEO, Alf Maccioni and National Policy Manager, Ben Kearney will be attending the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA) 12th National Small Business Summit this Thursday and Friday in Melbourne to engage with other small business associations and a range of influential politicians and bureaucrats on newsagent industry issues.


ACCC re-authorises newsagents to collectively bargain

On Friday 1 August, 2014 the ACCC granted the Australian Newsagents' Federation authorisation to collectively bargain on behalf of its current and future members. The ACCC have determined that the ANF will operate under this authorisation until 22 August 2024.

The previous authorisation was for a period of five years and allowed the ANF to collectively bargain with publishers and distributors, these were referred to as 'authorisation targets'. The terminology has changed and these targets are now referred to as counterparties.


State of the Industry - Newsagents and the Future

So often I hear that the future of newsagents is in jeopardy. Landlords and banks have a pre-existing view of what our channel is and have never looked into what we are doing and where we are going.

The newsagency channel has been in Australia for over 150 years. Newsagencies today are very different to what they were initially. This is because we have changed our product mix to meet the needs for the consumers. We are a true mixed business with a number of core traditional products.


New Direct-to-Bank money transfer service

Western Union agents can now offer their customers another service with the Direct-to-Bank transactions.

Bryden and Kris of BN2K Newsagency in Campsie process about 12-15 Western Union transactions per day and 30-40 on religious holidays and Bryden says his customers like to send directly to another Western Union location using the new Direct-to-Bank option.


ANF Leasing Specialist saves member close to $100,000!

ANF Leasing Specialist has done it again!

"I engaged Michael Cuda after he was referred to me by the ANF (Australian Newsagency Federation). My lease had expired so I was on monthly holdover when my existing landlord decided that he was not going to offer a new lease in my existing premises, however he did offer me another shop within the same building."

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