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The Australian Lottery and Newsagents’ Association (ALNA) is the peak industry body representing Australian newsagencies and lottery agents. There are 4000 individually owned and operated newsagencies in the country and together they make up Australia's largest retail and home delivery group.
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Through strength and size, the ALNA has the necessary means to achieve outcomes difficult to achieve by a single business.

For just $876 per annum*, your ALNA membership gives you access to industry representation, complimentary advice on industrial relations and leasing matters, discounts on insurance, access to accredited industry training courses, and so much more.

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*Membership prices vary by state. Membership fee is capped at $876 per annum.

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Industry Updates


A big win for small business as Government supports 'effects test'

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister, alongside the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, announced the government's intention to adopt the full Harper Review recommendation to reform the current Misuse of Market Power law (Section 46), including the introduction of an 'effects test' and removing the need to prove 'taking advantage'.

The Government responded to most of the other recommendations from the Harper Review of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA) last year but delayed making a decision on the controversial Section 46. The government has been lobbied hard by some of Australia's biggest businesses and the Business Council of Australia (BCA) who have claimed the Harper recommendation on Section 46 will 'chill' competition and may harm innovation. The ANF along with 20 odd other small and large business associations don't agree with this and have worked together in alliance on this issue and also lobbied hard in support of reform.


Labor announces new policy on access to justice for small business

Labor has recently announced a new policy on access to justice for small businesses. Under a federal Labor government, small operators would be able to take legal action against bigger rivals without the fear of automatically having to pay costs if they lose.

The Shadow Small Business Minister Michelle Rowland, whom the ANF met with in Canberra in February, says the plan is a better way to stop anti-competitive behaviour than an 'effects test' in competition law, which the government said last week they will support.


West Australian Newspapers

The ANF met with Adam Everett and Ann Tobias at WAN again last week while ANF CEO Alf Maccioni was in Perth, and commenced discussions on the new WAN Remuneration Agreement.

As Distributors are aware, the current remuneration agreement expires on 30th June 2016.


The Sunday Times WA Distributor Compensation

After two weeks of discussions and negotiations with The Sunday Times, The Sunday Times has agreed to offer the following remuneration to Distributors for the events of 27/28 February involving late papers from Perth Print and the subsequent fallout and consequences for WA Distributors, retailers and home delivery customers. The basis of the payment is a one off payment in recognition and support of the collaboration provided by delivery agents in distributing The Sunday Times given significant challenges. The payment is for all Distributors who collaborated and were able to fulfil their delivery obligations.

The Sunday Times understands the difficulties experienced by Distributors on 27/28 February and thanks Distributors for their efforts. The Sunday Times has also pledged to work closely with the ANF on future publications that include unique and/or challenging components to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved for everyone concerned including the Distributor, Retailer and of course the advertiser.



The ANF met with Lotterywest again last week while ANF CEO Alf Maccioni was in Perth for a further update on the Lotterywest Retail Transformation Program.

We expect to receive the costings for the RTP this week however we will keep members updated on this. Once we receive the costings, the ANF will complete some investment analysis before discussing with members any expected business impacts.


ABC Retail Update

You may remember late last year, the ANF was talking to ABC Commercial regarding the possibility of newsagents getting involved with the retail side of things, as the ABC was closing down their retail offering. We were hoping to have some definitive news by now.

We have been in contact with the ABC during last week-they are currently swamped and are delayed in progressing forward. Once we have further information we will of course let you know.


Easter Public Holidays

Each of the individual State and Territory Governments set Public Holidays. For Easter, which days are Public Holidays depends on your location.

Please find below an easy-to-use table showing which upcoming days are Public Holidays.


ANZ Local Link closures

ANF SA has expressed concerns regarding ANZ Bank ceasing Local Link banking in Australia and moving it to Australia Post. ANF SA GM Colin Shipton has sent communication to both the Small Business Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith and to John Chapman from the Office of the Small Business Commissioner this week, in regards to this.

Colin has been communicating with affected sites who have requested assistance-these members have been provided with surveys they may utilise for their customers and have been requested to ask customers to complain to the ANZ and write to their local government electorates.

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