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The Australian Lottery and Newsagents’ Association (ALNA) is the peak industry body representing Australian newsagencies and lottery agents. There are 4000 individually owned and operated newsagencies in the country and together they make up Australia's largest retail and home delivery group.
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Through strength and size, the ALNA has the necessary means to achieve outcomes difficult to achieve by a single business.

For just $876 per annum*, your ALNA membership gives you access to industry representation, complimentary advice on industrial relations and leasing matters, discounts on insurance, access to accredited industry training courses, and so much more.

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State of the Industry - Newsagents and the Future

So often I hear that the future of newsagents is in jeopardy. Landlords and banks have a pre-existing view of what our channel is and have never looked into what we are doing and where we are going.

The newsagency channel has been in Australia for over 150 years. Newsagencies today are very different to what they were initially. This is because we have changed our product mix to meet the needs for the consumers. We are a true mixed business with a number of core traditional products.

Newsagents are in every city and every regional and rural town in Australia. We have a massive retail footprint. We are the largest distribution business in the southern hemisphere. We also have on average 2.4 million Australians visiting our stores EACH DAY.

The ANF has spent a lot of time this year ensuring that newsagents have not been forgotten, by the consumer and also our politicians.

This was one of the factors that led the creation of the "Your newsagent. We're here." campaign, launched late last year. With the help of our industry partners we have managed to feature our ads in all of the major newspapers and magazines. We are looking to back this up with point-of-sale material instore to ensure customers recognise the newsagency brand with ease.

We have put forward a number of submissions to government departments on issues facing newsagents today; though this is less tangible as a member offering it keeps our channel top of mind, and now we are seeing the ANF being invited to more government committees and asked to comment on policies. We now represent our membership on the boards and/or committees of the Alliance of Australian Retailers, the National Liaison with Shopping Centre Council of Australia, the National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program and are part of the Advisory Panellist to the Reserve Bank of Australia Monetary Policy.

So what is happening in our sector to show we are redeveloping our stores? This year we saw the launch of Nparcel, owned and operated by the Victorian Newsagents Association (VANA). VANA works with all Associations and transport giant Toll to appoint newsagencies across Australia as alternate delivery points for missed parcel deliveries. Nparcel is a free service which generates new customers and a new revenue stream for newsagents. With new services to be added, Nparcel is well positioned for further growth while ensuring newsagents are taking full advantage of the online parcel delivery boom.

Another exciting opportunity is the CONNECT system, developed by Hubbed. CONNECT is a new solution for selling across the newsagency channel. It is a portfolio of products and services designed specifically for newsagents. Electronic platform offering a suite of products to help expand the products and services they are able to offer existing and new customers.

Our members will have the option between two versions of CONNECT: CONNECTlite (which offers three key products-parcels, bill payment and gift cards) and CONNECT premium (which offers nine products today and a premium revenue model to reward the additional effort required to support the full service).

CONNECT is a portfolio of products and services that are exclusive to the newsagency channel.

All of the products have been selected based on delivering one of the following:

  1. Increased margin and revenue
  2. Increased basket sizes
  3. Unique solution for the customer

Hubbed creates new connection points between consumers, channels, partners and products and will bring new customers into newsagents. It opens the door for customers who would like to use the online offerings and be able to pay for these items with cash in store. Suppliers are now looking at channel and its large footprint as an opportunity for them to distribute to a wider market. We need to show them that not only are we still here but we will be here for the very long term.

I am confident there will be many other opportunities for newsagents in the coming months, to help grow and develop the business.

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