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The Australian Lottery and Newsagents’ Association (ALNA) is the peak industry body representing Australian newsagencies and lottery agents. There are 4000 individually owned and operated newsagencies in the country and together they make up Australia's largest retail and home delivery group.
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Through strength and size, the ALNA has the necessary means to achieve outcomes difficult to achieve by a single business.

For just $876 per annum*, your ALNA membership gives you access to industry representation, complimentary advice on industrial relations and leasing matters, discounts on insurance, access to accredited industry training courses, and so much more.

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*Membership prices vary by state. Membership fee is capped at $876 per annum.

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The Lottery and Newsagency Industry

The lottery and newsagency industry in Australia is a unique national institution that enjoys wide community support.

The channel is the largest non-franchised family owned small business sector in the nation. These family businesses operate most effectively as husband and wife teams or multiples of family teams to spread the long hours and great variety of tasks required in running their businesses. Australians usually visit these outlets 1.6 times a week, illustrating that they are well known and trusted within their local communities.

Traditionally newspapers, magazines, books, cards and stationery items have been the core product lines in a newsagency. Since deregulation of the industry in 1999 these items are also available in supermarkets and department stores. Due to their range, product knowledge and customer service newsagents remained the primary retailer within these categories but over time the industry has recognised the need to embrace change and diversify to remain relevant in the retail environment.

Technological advances have been a strong influence on the way outlets conduct their day to day operations. As the consumer embraced computers and mobile phones newsagents and lottery agents were there to retail toner and ink cartridges and mobile recharge. Where there became a need for specialty gift lines, printing services, computer repairs and iPhone repairs newsagents added these to their mainstream categories. Some also embraced the opportunities offered by banks and building societies to establish mini-branches within their stores, offering their local communities financial products delivered with the friendly and helpful service that the channel is so famous for.

As some traditional categories, such as print media, have been impacted by technological advances newsagents and publishers are working together to find a value-add solution which will include new ways to retail these products. And as Australia's population increases so will the demand for the newsagency-type retailer which can easily evolve and adapt to their customer's needs.

Current digital solutions enable newsagents to offer new channels, new products and engaging experiences for their customers to successfully bring online products and pricing into the traditional bricks and mortar environment giving customers new ways to transact, new choices and price model that create increased competition.

With no end to growth opportunities moving forward with the ever changing retail landscape will be an exciting journey which will see newsagents expand their product offering, their customer base and their existing retail reach.

Last updated on 3 August 2016

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