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Have Your Say - Tasmanian Government calls for submissions on increasing the tobacco licence fee

While the government did a welcome backflip on their proposal to increase the minimum age for smoking from 18 to 21/25, they have announced significant increases to Tobacco Licence Fees in Tasmania.

ALNA wrote, in conjunction with the Tasmanian Small Business Council, to the Health Minister on the 9th August about the inequity of the proposed licence fees and copied all Government MP's (CLICK HERE to read letter). Despite several attempts to get an answer to our concerns, it has fallen on deaf ears until this week, when the Government announced a public consultation process.

CLICK HERE to fill in a short survey to help with our submission to the Tasmanian Government.

Public consultation on Licence Fees

The Department of Health and Human Services has this week has invited public comment on the draft Public Health (Tobacco Seller's Licence) Regulations 2009.

The regulations would increase the tobacco licence fee under sections 74B and 74F of the Public Health Act 1997 to 478 fee units ($731.34) from 1 January 2017. The Government also intends a second increase for licence applications and renewals, to 717 fee units (approximately $1097), effective 1 January 2018.
The current tobacco licence fee equates to $7.04 a week for a licence to sell tobacco. The increased fee in 2017 would add around $7.03 to that, taking the cost to approximately $14.07 per week for a licence.

The fee increase will allow greater monitoring of retailers to prevent tobacco sales to children.

Comments are invited from interested individuals and businesses

The government is asking for comments from interested individuals and businesses. ALNA will be making a submission and we encourage you to do so as well. Submissions are due before 5 pm Sunday 20 November 2016. All submissions will be published on the Department's website unless marked 'confidential'. Anonymous submissions will not be accepted.

CLICK HERE for Regulatory Impact Assessment and the Draft Regulation. You can also call Tobacco Control and Licensing on (03) 6166 0709 for more information or a copy of the draft.

Email your written submissions to tobaccosellerfee@dhhs.tas.gov.au or post to:

Tobacco Control, Department of Health and Human Services, GPO Box 125 Hobart TAS 7001

CLICK HERE to fill in a short survey to help with our submission to the Tasmanian Government.

What we think?

The Regulatory Impact Assessment proposes 3 options:

Option 1 - Increase fees in 2017 and again in 2018, tripling fees.

Option 2 - Increase the fees only once in 2017, doubling fees.

Option 3 - Do nothing.

We don't recommend supporting any of these, we believe there should be a modest increase in fees to fund education but it must be equitable between small and large retailers. We recommend the following:

Our Option

To provide a scale of new licence fees that are based on an equitable smaller increase for small businesses with less than 20 full time equivalent (FTE) staff, increasing Licence fees to $500 in 2017 and $650 in 2018, and a justifiably larger increase for those larger businesses above 20 (FTE) staff, who will benefit more from their greater sales, increasing Licence fees to $850 in 2017 and $1400 in 2018.

By adopting such initiatives, we believe the State Government can achieve the aims of the Healthy Tasmania strategy, while also supporting sustainable Tasmanian small businesses.

Issues you might consider?

Some of the themes we used in our letter may assist you in forming your own view in a submission:

  • The new licence fees, will undoubtedly be a large disincentive for smaller retailers, like our members, to continue selling tobacco in many instances.

  • Tobacco is a relatively low margin product with fairly unfavourable trading terms for most small businesses. Nevertheless, it still provides important revenue and staff hours in many small businesses across Tasmania, and contributes to numerous additional sales of higher margin products.

  • The licence fee model proposed is extremely inequitable for smaller Tasmanian businesses and provides little disincentive for larger ones. It will have the likely effect of driving tobacco purchases in Tasmania principally to two major retailers, and will rapidly, and we argue unfairly, drive a lot of Tasmanian small business tobacco retailers out of this category altogether along with supplementary transactions.

  • The intended policy outcome, that of raising additional revenue to fund education & enforcement is now unlikely to be achieved, as ultimately fewer larger retailers will be paying licence fees, whilst also benefitting from receiving the lion's share of the tobacco market here.

  • A concerning outcome of this policy is that the new licence fee model supports further normalising the majority of tobacco sales as part of the weekly grocery shop.

  • If anything, the government should be supporting tobacco products only being sold in regulated specialist tobacco retailers, where a conscious decision needs to be made by a smoker to go there to purchase. This would further break the chain of behaviour. Instead, we are creating a new shopping trend, to go to the two major grocers to purchase all products at the expense of Tasmanian small businesses.

CLICK HERE to fill in a short survey to help with our submission to the Tasmanian Government.

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