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EXTRACT | The Benefits of Casual Leasing

Many years ago, when I was a centre manager, newsagents had a real penchant for casual mall leasing, particularly during high trading seasonal periods such as Christmas and Back-to-School. Often newsagents would book months in advance to take 10-15sqm space in the busiest part of the shopping centre. These newsagents would sell everything from calendars, diaries, stationery, gift cards and wraps and generate very good sales in return. Landlords love casual leasing as it has two main benefits.

Firstly, it generates enormous profit margins and, secondly, it provides them with the ability to trial new retail concepts to see how shoppers will respond. If these new concepts prove popular with shoppers, the landlord will often end up negotiating a new long-term lease with the retailer; so it becomes a real win/win outcome for both parties.

Retailers who already occupy shops on long-term leases within shopping centres embrace this form of leasing as it allows them to clear old stock, trial new products and services, generate incremental sales and also raise their profile.

So what is casual leasing? It is any form of leasing space in a commercial/retail property available for a short-term period; most often governed by a license agreement rather than a lease. The term of the agreement is usually for a period of less than six months, however, this can vary depending upon the circumstances. Normally, there is no level of exclusivity, nor a great deal of security, as both parties are able to dissolve the arrangement with relatively short notice (depending upon the specific detail of the agreement).

Casual leasing is sometimes referred to as casual mall leasing, mall merchandising, pop up leasing or simply licensing. It is very common in large shopping centres, as retail landlords can easily allocate large numbers of spaces throughout mall areas (sometimes 80 to 100 spaces), without the need to provide any infrastructure (other than a data cable and electricity). There is no shop front, just a small space of around 5-20sqm of the mall where retailers can sell products and services.

With the advent of digital marketing, large retail landlords have broadened their use of these common areas within their shopping centres, to now include digital advertising screens. Advertising is purchased by retailers, but other multinational companies also advertise as they have exposure to millions of shoppers. Licensing may include inline shops in the case where a landlord wants to fill vacancies and collect rent in the short term, until the time the new long-term retailer is ready to take occupation. Casual leasing is also a great avenue for trialling new products. New merchandise can be strongly promoted if you take temporary space in a prominent location within a busy shopping centre. Of course, you could simply introduce these same new products in your store, but they may be lost among your existing merchandise range. A specific casual mall promotion may be more effective in terms of highlighting your new range of products. You will need to ensure any new product lines are allowed within the permitted usage clause of your lease.

If your newsagency is not located in a shopping centre, you can still enjoy the benefits of casual leasing by licensing another shop within the suburb or town in which you operate. This is often referred to as 'Pop Up' shop leasing. Another advantage of a Pop Up is assessing how good the actual location of the shop is. Several of my fashion clients will sometimes trial a proposed new shop for 3-6 months to see if the site is in a good location. This is very effective for minimising risk, as the retailer isn't required to immediately outlay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a new fit-out, nor commit to a long-term lease until they know how the store is likely to perform. If sales are strong for the initial period, they will in variably negotiate a new long-term lease.

Michael Cuda - Director, Northcape Retail Specialists

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